Chorus 700

Premium hifi at an accessible price

With this fourth generation Chorus 700, Focal set itself the challenge of modernising these benchmark speakers, making their quality, their unique sound signature and their renowned technologies available to the greatest possible number of audiophiles. While retaining the DNA of previous models in the Chorus range, the new generation Chorus 700 benefits from a design and a quality totally in keeping with modern-day expectations: remarkable audio audio performance and at the same time greater value and more classic design. Technological innovation, tradition and exclusive design - these are the hallmarks of "the Spirit of Sound".

The Chorus Heritage

The Chorus 700 is a superb example of change within continuity. The design features that forged the success of this range are still there, such as the faultless cabinet-made construction, the non-parallel sides, the solidly thick front and the reinforcements as plentiful as they are effective. The original design has been subtly reinterpreted: the sharp edges and projecting lines have been softened, giving way to flowing curves more in keeping with current trends. The Chorus 700's assembly quality smoothes away any roughness, and the choice of materials endows the speaker with restrained harmony. Its designers have worked on its balance, its cleanliness of line, its simplicity and perceived value, focusing on its primary function - the quest for the best sound.

The cinema in your living room

Ready for high definition, the speakers in the Chorus 700 range have been designed to create a home cinema system with the flexibility to suit your living space. With configurations to suit every user, they are perfect for creating the ideal 5.1 system to bring you into the heart of your favourite films' action. The sound stage is perfectly controlled by these high-fidelity speakers. The CC 700 centre speaker has been optimised and the quality of voices and their harmony with background sounds is remarkable. The SR 700 effects speaker gives you a unique audio experience, making you feel totally immersed in the action.

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  • Chorus 726

    3-way bass-reflex floor standing speaker

    The Chorus 726 floor standing speaker represents the high-fidelity loudspeaker that is both high-end and affordable: technologically extremely advanced, its 3-way design combines the exceptional definition of the midrange with the power of the two 16.5cm (6.5 in.) woofers. The aerodynamic front port reduces distortion of the bass. You will thoroughly enjoy the powerful and generous sound in rooms up to 40m2 (430ft.).
    The new Poron suspension softens the audio performance of the TNV2 tweeters. This innovation by Focal enables the perfect reproduction of the midrange and real dynamics of high frequencies.

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  • Chorus 716

    2-1/2 way bass-reflex floorstanding speaker

    Elegant and refined, the Chorus 716 tower speaker is built using 2.5-way technology in a premium hifi configuration: the two 6.5" (16.5cm) woofers cover the bass together (only the upper speaker is used for the mid-range), for double bass power, perfect for rooms up to 320ft2 (30m2). Sound comes into its own in your listening room, with a dynamic mid-range, doubled bass and high power. There is a front port low on the speaker to reduce distortion and ensure faithful reproduction of bass sounds.

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  • Chorus 714

    2-1/2 way bass-reflex floorstanding speaker

    The smallest of the Chorus 700 range of tower speakers is very narrow to take up as little space as possible. Sharp but balanced, the Chorus 714 takes full advantage of its two 2.5-way 13 cm (5 in.) woofers to provide solid bass. Ideal for rooms ranging from 15 to 25 m2 (160 to 270 ft.²), the Chorus 714 loudspeaker ensures high-quality sound, high power handling and low distortion bass.

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  • Chorus 706

    2-way bass-reflex bookshelf speaker

    The Chorus 706 compact speaker is the bookshelf speaker par excellence: a real Focal tradition. Superbly balanced and neutral, its precision and definition are ideal for rooms of up to 215ft2 (20m2) with no level restrictions. With its fine workmanship and meticulous finishing, the Chorus 706 compact speaker impresses both by its power and the attractiveness of its design.

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  • Chorus 705

    2-way bass-reflex bookshelf speaker, wall mounting

    The Chorus 705 compact speaker is the ideal bookshelf speaker for smaller rooms (about 160ft2 / 15m2). With a dynamic, lively bass and a rich, refined mid-range and highs, it will be ideal for a system in a smaller room.

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  • Chorus CC 700

    2-way bass-reflex shielded center speaker

    The Chorus CC 700 centre speaker offers excellent audio consistency thanks to its dynamic qualities of linearity and timbre. What is more, the Chorus CC 700 has been designed to achieve perfect directivity curves. Its objective: To overcome the limitations of the traditional two-way centre speaker and achieve very good 3D image stability. This makes it possible to avoid the dialogue "megaphone" effect, finally achieving a voice quality and harmony that are truly exceptional, in relation to background sounds.

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  • Chorus SR 700

    2-way sealed effect speaker, Polyfix wall bracket

    Attractively designed, the Chorus SR 700 surround speaker incorporates the Polyglass speakers from the Chorus 700 range into a very slim, compact rear speaker.  Brilliant in its performance, elegant in its finish, discreet in its compact dimensions, the SR 700 is just made for your lounge wall. Ideal to fill large surround spaces, it is the perfect partner to the multi-channel Chorus 700 speakers.

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  • Chorus S 700

    Stand for Chorus 706 and Chorus 705

    Specifically designed to raise and enhance Chorus 706 and Chorus 705 speakers, the Chorus S 700 stands are 60 cm high. Speakers attach to the stands using a screw system that guarantees the stability of the system.

    Black satin finish, premium construction and design, anti-vibration.

    The Chorus S 700 is an option.

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  • Chorus IC 706 V

    The In-Ceiling version of the IW 706 V, the Chorus IC 706 V revisits all the same technology with a 6-1/2"(16.5cm) woofer, coaxial version of the TNV and "Wall Boost Control". It benefits from an update and evolution without concessions as does any Focal loudspeaker. 

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  • Chorus IW 706 V

    Two-way, In-Wall acoustic loudspeaker IW 706 V benefits from all the technology that came forth from the Chorus V range. A superior quality sound in stereo or multi-channel, and an extremely well-adapted surround speaker ready for the Chorus 700 V and 800 V speakers. 

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  • Chorus IC 706 V ST

    The IC 706 V ST is a stereo loudspeaker perfect for small rooms without losing any information from the left and right channels. Also recommended for the repetition of several identical emission sources, or as a simplified surround solution.

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  • Chorus OD 706 V

    Bring the Focal sound to the outside is the vocation of the outdoor OD 706 V loudspeaker, waterproof and resistant to common weather conditions. Made on the model of the Chorus 706 V, with which it shares the drivers, the musical and technical performance is excellent, all this with a very compact size. Also available in T version (70V/100V).

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