Subwoofers combining form and content...

A crucial element of the 5.1 pack, the subwoofer brings scale and depth to your audiovisual surround-sound experience. It’s the subwoofer which determines the dramatic intensity.
To achieve this, our different designs all meet common requirements (performance, functions) and complementary issues (style, efficiency, finish).

  • Dimension Sub


    Benefit from deeper bass (35Hz) and a sixth channel combining Dimension soundbar with Dimension Sub. This subwoofer will increase the power handling of your high-fidelity installation for a true 5.1 experience (maximum SPL of nearly 105dB).

    Don’t worry about vibrations affecting your screen: Dimension Sub features 2 elliptical woofers working in opposite (« push push » system).

    Extra-wide and topped with an elegant black glass plate, Dimension Sub becomes a support for your screen.


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  • Sub Air

    complements all Focal 5.1 systems

    The intense and deep sound of the Sub Air complements all Focal 5.1 systems. The wireless technology makes integration into interiors easy, removing all constraints due to cable length. The flat and compact design allows you to fit it into all kinds of spaces.

    Easy to use and install, the Sub Air turns on at your command and turns itself off when no more sound is being produced.

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  • Cub 3

    intended entirely for use with Home Cinema systems.

    The Cub3 is an iconic subwoofer, designed to provide high-quality 5.1 sound. The Cub3 is a compact product that incorporates only those functions strictly necessary for the purpose. This makes it extremely simple to install and use, and there is no need to compromise on acoustic performance.

    For optimal output, the Cub3 has a 21cm bassreflex woofer and modern 150 watt BASH® amplification, allowing it to reproduce every nuance of the bass register.

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  • Dôme Sub

    Active subwoofer for Focal Dôme system.

    This subwoofer is the logical follow-up to the Dôme concept. It highlights this fact thanks to its unique design and its gorgeous, single-block aluminium lacquered body.

    When used with Dôme satellite speakers, it offers a sound comparable to that of much larger and bulkier speakers! To achieve this level of sound, the Dôme Subwoofer uses the very best in loudspeaker technology and a hybrid digital/analogue BASH® amplifier, which is furthermore used in all Focal subwoofers.

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  • Sub 300 P

    Active bass reflex subwoofer

    The Sub 300 P, finished in Structured Black, uses a 11” (27cm) Polyglass speaker with a powerful BASH® 300W RMS amplifier. The Sub 300 P is a huge asset to the bass of any multi-channel system.

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  • Sub 500 P HP

    The Sub 500 P HP is an ultra-powerful version of the Sub 300 P.

    With its 550 W RMS amplifier and its Double ferrite magnet 27 cm Polyglass woofer, completely redesigned to withstand this amount of power, this subwoofer delivers incredible performance with improved dynamic behaviour and acoustic power of 117 dB SPL.

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  • Electra SW 1000 Be

    24 bit digital processor, possibility of settings and adaptation to the room dynamics and dimensions, 600 Watt Rms BASH® amplifier mated to a 13"(33cm) "W" cone, the high end subwoofer SW 1000 Be offers high level reproduction with a low roll-off at 18Hz and a sound pressure level achieving 119dB.

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  • Sub Utopia EM

    The Sub Utopia EM is the last building block of the Utopia 3 range and the logical follow-up to the ultimate multi-channel reference speaker; Viva Utopia.

    With this subwoofer, Focal focused all its know-how on an entirely passive design, based around a 13-inch Electromagnet bass driver, that appeared with the Grande Utopia EM. An ideal complement to the Viva Utopia, this subwoofer can be used with any model of the range, including the Grande Utopia EM.

    Its secret? A clever stackable design (up to 3 subwoofers tall) that can answer even the most demanding power needs. The unequaled punch of EM technology, with the refinement and finesse of Utopia 3.

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  • Sub 1000 F


    The Sub 1000 F subwoofer has been designed for Home Cinema use in the purest Focal tradition.

    A technological masterpiece, it has a 30 cm diameter Flax membrane bass speaker cone. The stiffness and lightness of this environmentally-friendly textile mean it produces an extremely well defined, distortion-free sound. The "Dual Magnet" dual driver provides phenomenal power while ensuring excellent linearity. The Sub 1000 F has an integrated 1000 watt BASH® super-powerful amplifier to let the 30 cm woofer unleash its full potential. Finally, its sealed construction offers an extended bass response, a very compact size and an absence of interference, all leading to a pure, harmonious sound.

    This loudspeaker is perfect for faithfully reproducing your film soundtracks with ease, making it the proud complement to your Aria 900 speakers.

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  • SW 1000 Be

    Active subwoofer

    The SW 1000 Be is the redesigned version of the Electra Be subwoofer to ensure compatibility with the other loudspeakers in the Sopra line.

    It is equipped with a 13" (33cm) "W" cone speaker driver (high rigidity for no distortion, even at high volumes), a high-power 600 W RMS BASH® amplifier and a front laminar port (no dynamic bass compression).

    The 24-bit digital processor (DSP) offers a large control panel with settings for adapting the sub to various listening rooms. The SW 1000 Be offers very high performance with a bass cut-off frequency of 18 Hz and an SPL of 118 dB.

    Several SW 1000 Be subwoofers can be linked up.

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