Made in France

Focal has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers for the home, speaker drivers for cars and studio monitors for recording studios for over 30 years, and more recently headphones. Based in Saint-Étienne, France, Focal is a world leader in the industry thanks to our technologies and constant innovation. This philosophy adds long-term value to Focal loudspeakers, because you won’t find these technologies anywhere else.

designed and developed in France

Made in FranceFocal is recognised and renowned worldwide, particularly for our expertise and manufacturing “Made in France”.

In terms of expertise, first of all, Focal products, all categories included, are designed and developed in France by our team of engineers at our workshop in Saint-Étienne. Thus, each product benefits from Focal technology and innovation. The 100% Focal design ensures the perpetuity of the tradition and our philosophy “the Spirit of Sound”. It is also, and most of all, the best way to ensure we have full control over the design and quality control phases in order to provide quality products.

Next, in terms of production, the speaker drivers and loudspeakers are entirely manufactured in Saint-Étienne (Loire department, Rhône-Alpes) following the relocation of production in 2002, in order to have optimal control over our products. Indeed, producing our products at our factory in France really adds value and guarantees an optimal level of sound quality, thanks to our unique expertise, our specific production line and our assembly which is in part carried out by hand. To this end, all the cabinets of our high-end loudspeakers are made at our Guy HF facility in Bourbon-Lancy (Saône-et-Loire department, Burgundy) and the final assembly of all our hi-fi loudspeakers is carried out at our factory in order to ensure maximum quality.

In summary, 100% of our hi-fi loudspeakers and studio monitors as well as the high-end products of our Car audio category are made in France.

quality of our products

Some of our products integrate high-end technologies manufactured by our various industrial partners, and some of our manufacturing activities are sub-contracted, particularly entry-level products with integrated electronics. Nevertheless, all our products are designed and developed in Saint-Étienne by our R&D and Project teams.

As the quality of our products is our main concern, we choose all our foreign partners with great care to ensure a level of quality which meets our criteria, whether they are suppliers of components or finished products. The strict quality control standards which we require of our foreign suppliers are a guarantee that manufacturing adheres to our values.

Discover the factory in Saint-Etienne, France

Utopia III

Grande Utopia EM

Stella Utopia EM

Maestro Utopia

Scala V2 Utopia

Viva Utopia

Diablo Utopia

Sub Utopia EM

Electra 1002 Be

Electra 1038 Be

Electra 1028 Be

Electra 1008 Be

Electra CC 1008 Be

Electra SR 1000 Be

Electra SW 1000 Be

Electra IW 1003 Be

Electra IW 1002 Be

Electra IW 1002

Electra IC 1002

Aria 900

Aria 948

Aria 936

Aria 926

Aria 906

Aria CC 900

Aria SR 900

Aria 905

Chorus 800 V

There is nothing to show in this category.

Chorus 800 V W

There is nothing to show in this category.

Chorus 700

Chorus 726

Chorus 716

Chorus 714

Chorus 706

Chorus 705

Chorus CC 700

Chorus SR 700

Chorus IC 706 V

Chorus IW 706 V

Chorus IC 706 V ST

Chorus OD 706 V


5.1 Pack Dôme - 5 Dôme & Sub Air

5.1 Pack Dôme - 5 Dôme & Dôme Sub

Dôme Pack 2.1

Dôme Pack 2.0

5.1 Pack Dôme Flax - 5 Dôme Flax & Sub Air

Dôme satellite and Dôme Flax

Dôme Flax 5.1.2

Elite Utopia Be

Utopia Be Kit N°7 /Active

Utopia Be Kit N°6 /Active

Utopia Be Kit N°5 /Active

165 W-RC / Active

165 W-RC / Passive

Utopia Be 33 WX 2

Utopia Be 21 WX

Utopia Be 13 WS

Tweeter TBE

Elite K2 Power

ES 165 KX3

ES 100 K

EC 165 K

E 25 KX

E 30 KX

ES 165 KX2

ES 165 K2

ES 165 K

ES 130 K

Performance Expert

PS 130 F

PS 165 F

PS 165 FX

PS 165 F3

P 20 F

P 25 F

P 30 F

Intégration Plug&Play

IFVW Golf 6

IFP 207




Intégration Universal

ISN 100

ISN 130

ISN 165

Monitoring et Studio Pro


Solo6 Be

Twin6 Be


CMS 65

CMS 50

CMS 40

Trio6 Be

Commercial Integration

Chorus OD 706V-T


Chorus OD 706 V

Chorus IC 706 V

Chorus IC 706 V ST

Chorus IW 706 V

Electra IC 1002

Electra IW 1002

Electra IW 1002 Be

Electra IW 1003 Be


Sub 300 P

Sub 500 P HP




Sopra N°2

Sopra N°1

Sopra N°3

Sopra Center

Surround Be

SW 1000 Be

300 Series

300 ICW 4

300 ICW 6

300 ICW 8