Custom 100-T

  • Custom IC 105-T

     Focal Custum IC 105-T


    The most compact In-Ceiling solution with a 5"(13cm) woofer and an inverted dome, Aluminum coaxial tweeter: ideal for small rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms, outside use or sailboats. Ready to be painted. Also available in T version (100V).

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  • Custom IC 106-T

    Focal Custum IC 106-T


    Fairly balanced with compact size and performance, the IC 106 - T is an In-Ceiling loudspeaker easy to install and ultra versatile thanks to its linearity, its rotating tweeter and its numerous adjustments.

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  • Custom IC 108-T

    Focal Custum IC 108-T


    With its 8"(21cm) fibreglass woofer, 91dB sensitivity, and very high power handling, the IC 108 recreates a large, powerful sound, capable of properly playing in rooms of very large dimensions. Ready to be painted. Also available in T version (100V).

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  • Custom OD 108-T

    The big sound now also outdoor thanks to a 8" (21cm) fiberglass woofer. Designed for long and mid-range installations but keeping enough sharpness for nearfield listening, even at low sound level. Perfect when important sound dynamic is necessary outside.

    Outdoor Public Address loudspeakers for real good sound every where.

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Sib & Co

  • Sib-T

    Elegant and high-quality loudspeaker, thanks to its jointed base, you can use it in multiple configurations, such as on wall, on ceiling or on a shelf.

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  • Sib XL-T

    Focal Sib XL T


    On wall loudspeaker, compact and shallow, powerful thanks to its two 5" (13cm) woofers. Very high intelligibility, good response in the bass frequencies, perfect balance for background music.
    Jointed on-wall fixing

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Chorus 700 V-T

  • Chorus OD 706V-T

    enceinte extérieure OD 706V - T

    Compact loudspeaker for short and mid-range installations, the OD 706 V-T is first of all a very high-fidelity 100V loudspeaker thanks to exclusive speaker technologies: Polyglass woofer and Aluminum/Magnesium tweeter.
    Indoor use also possible as a high sound quality loudspeaker.

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Commercial integration