2-way component kit - Dedicated to BMW®

The IFBMW-S is a 2-way component kit with 4’’ woofers, and tweeters.

Designed and Made in France, the IFBMW-S allows BMW® owners to enjoy Focal musicality, which is natural, rich and aerated, while respecting the aesthetics of the car! This kit are suitable for the German manufacturer’s
best-selling models: 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series and X1!

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A system adapted to OEM systems

The frame of the 4’’ woofer is identical to the original, and the Polyglass cone and the phase plug provide improved dispersion. Filtering is carried out by the connector supplied with the kits which has the same standards as those used by BMW®.

The aluminium/magnesium inverted dome tweeter used is reputed for the precision of its treble. It has been developed as a solution to the various installation constraints.

For BMW interiors without tweeters

a specific mount is supplied with the kit. The mount fixes to the plastic cover on the mounting bracket of the wing mirror. Specific cables are supplied to ensure connection to the original connector.

For BMW interiors with tweeters

the tweeters can be removed from the Focal mounts, so they can be assembled onto the original mounts, and then installed in the place of the original tweeters. 


  • 100% plug and play (original connectors)
  • Quick installation
  • Improving systems not equipped with tweeters
  • Significant results even without changing the OEM system
  • Scalability in case of amplification or replacement of the head unit
  • Complete pack (tools and clips supplied)
Car compatibility

This 2-way component kit can be installed:

Front installation

  • BMW 1 Serie (E81/82/87/88/F20*)
  • BMW 3 Serie (E90/91/F30/F31*/F34)
  • BMW 5 Serie (F10*)
  • BMW X1 (E84)

Non-exhaustive list of vehicles.
* Technical wire adaptation to fit in those cars models.

Installation video tutorial


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Excellent products and very good quality


very good


I changed my speakers last year and I was already happy about it for changing the OEM ones (ibmw-c, 2xibmw-2).
One thing I was not happy about was too strong bass from the subs.
You cannot do much settings with the radio, so i donwloaded the software for my amp (Mosconi) and adjusted the equalizer, now I am much more happy with the performance of the speakers :-)

There are probably better speakers, but only few fit into BMW and these are worth the price, if you compare it with the OEM, which are a joke.


I suspect the product is fake - the finishing quality is very poor !

Hi Ignas,

After checking with our Sales Department, your kits are genuine ones.
I am sorry you are disappointed by the finishing quality. I invite you to notice it directly to your dealer (with pictures would be great).

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Beautiful speakers with the kind of sound production synonymous with Focal - Clean, crisp and punchy at all sound levels.

There was for me however one major drawback. I have a 2013 BMW E92 3 series Coupe and these speakers are too deep so they interfere with the window glass when it's opened.

To resolve this I've fitted some Focal KRS100's instead which mount shallower and am very pleased with the overall result.

I hope to now reuse the IFBMW set elsewhere in the car!


A very tight fit on the F30, needs at least a 2 mm spacer to prevent it from hitting the window. The torx key supplied with the kit is absolutely useless (A torx screw driver works so much better) but the panel removal tool works like a dream.

The instruction manual for dismantling the door on the F30 is non existent and only the E90 is covered so the manual was really of no use.

But, the sound quality is amazing. Some of the songs have so much more detail now; The bass is really punchy and you get the impression that the speaker has so much more to offer; especially if it has to be amplified with a DSP.


Product appears to be V well made. Ideal that it fits the car without to much trouble. I can install myself!!




Prima geluidskwaliteit, hoog en midden. Gemonteerd in de voordeuren. Compleet geleverd en met het bijbehorende gereedschap makkelijk overgezet.


Incredible speakers. Installed into my BMW E92. The sound is detailed, transparent, crisp, highs are not harsh or bright. Tonality remains composed event at moderate listening levels. There is never a dull or muffled moment. I had a lot of choice in this price bracket and it was a tough decision. I sampled the Gladan Extreme One Range and MB Quart QM200.3 (both being direct replacements for the BMW) and these won hands down. Be it listening to La Traviata, El Bimbo, Quand la musique est bonne to Jah Come to I (dub) these speakers do not fail to amaze me. The speakers themselves appear to be well built, have a solid feel to them and are presented well in the packaging with the tools required. Tres bien!!!

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