Spirit One S
Spirit One S

Focal high-fidelity sound

Spirit One S is the fourth pair of headphones developed by Focal’s R&D team in France, and it takes full advantage of our latest advances and the expertise we have acquired about headphones. It is destined for all those who are searching for more than just a stylish product, but also for real acoustic equipment.

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Neutral and balanced

Spirit One S is designed with portability in mind. Its frequency response has been improved in the bass to provide a perfect equilibrium of tonal balance in noisy environments. Rich mid-treble, spatialisation, exceptional acoustic definition and high dynamic are here for the taking thanks to drivers which have a large diaphragm (40mm/19/16″) with exemplary lightness.

Light and comfortable

The large circum-aural ear cups and soft ear cushions ensure perfect insulation. Mechanics of the structure combine comfort, lightness and robustness, key points for portable headphones to ensure listening pleasure without limits.

Key Features

  • Closed back, circum-aural type
  • Portable headphones, light, comfortable and providing excellent insulation
  • A reference in terms of sound quality with reinforced bass for on-the-go use
  • In-line controller and built-in microphone, compatible with all Smartphones
  • Supplied with a rigid carrying case and a soft carrying bag


Rigid carrying case and soft carrying bag
Rigid carrying case

and soft carrying bag

Cable nomade 1,4m
1.4m straight detachable cable

OFC with low impedance
Remote control (micro/calls)

Adaptateur Jack 3,5/6,35
Jack connector 3.5/6.35mm

Gold plated


  • Anthracite Grey Anthracite Grey

Focal in the press



A phenomenal product.


Love these headphones. Sound great, but am having issues with the build.

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your comment.
Do not hesitate to contact your dealer if you notice any build issue with your headphones. They will ensure the After-Sales Service.

Best regards
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Amazing sound quality to price ratio. Flimsy Chinese exterior, yet acceptable given the circumstances.


Excellent sound but very bad quality finish. Cheap feeling plastics and pressure on ears too high. All in all it's disappointing :(


Love the sound. My cord for this one is messed up. Where I plug it into my iphone, it turns up and down my volume if the cord gets lightly pulled on one way or the other.....where the cord meets the rubber base.


Excellent quality for the price. However, I have had trouble with the cord - a week after purchase, the interface button and plate fell off and have forced me to tape them shut until a replacement arrives to the States.




I've had 3 of these headphones since they first came out. The first one had a known driver issue and was replaced under warranty. The second pair had the headband crack, this was replaced outside of warranty through the US distributor. The third pair didn't last a year. Where the headband again split. These headphones were being worn in a medical publisher's office and not abused. After this last pair broke, I bought a pair of planar magnetic headphones. I loved the sound when they worked, they just don't have the durability expected.

Dear Gregg,

I am sorry about this issue experienced with your headphones.
Do not hesitate to contact your dealer back to inform them and get a potential replacement of your headphones.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


GREAT sound. I tested other brands(will not name here) but this one won. I listen mostly to Metal. I feel or hear that this headphone interprets the instruments thump accurately but still hear all the instruments amids the "chaos". I particularly love the guitar riffs and snare sounds.

One con for this loses one start because of the headband. There is a small crack already. I used to have Tiesto(AKG) and it had the same problem I hope the headband on this does not continue to crack.


The connection of the cable is lose and I can only hear from the right side.

Hi Elisa,

I am sorry about the issue experienced with your headphones.
I invite you to contact back your dealer to fix it as quick as possible as your headphones is still under warranty.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


Best Value for Price


Solid headphones with spectacular sound and crazy comfortable.


Very happy with the headphones. They match the description and the sound is great. Thank you Focal.


Great pruduct.
Everything match the description and with a great sound!. Very happy with the Headphones. Thank you Focal!


Excellent sound quality; not very comfortable, very strong pressure over the ears.


good sound quality, however I did expect more quality wise. The cable (with microphone) broke down within 2 months after purchase; so I could not use it anymore with my iphone (luckily there is another cable included) - plastic white covers on strap (that connect the cups, with the head strap) let loose as well within 4 months after purchase (not glued on well?)

Hi Niels,

I am sorry about the issue experienced with your Spirit One S.

I invite you to contact your dealer to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Marine, Community Manager Focal


excellent sound


Excellent sound. Average finish, but for that price is OK.


I am in love with the sound of these headphones. I would give it a perfect 5 star review had they not cracked so easily. The sound is unbeatable though.


Looking forward to next gen headphones from focal


excellent product


A lot better than the original Spirit one.

Soundstaging and treble performance is there almost at the Spirit One Classic and Spirit Pro.

Earcup comfort which is a problem with the Spirit One for big eared individuals like me have been addressed.


Just got them as christmas present. Excellent sound..a bit too tight on ears, but that should wear off with time. I wanted to ask if you can recommend a compatible cable (since the hole for jack is quite narrow) so I can use them at home. Meaning a longer cable than the one provided. Otherwise, great job!


After 2 weeks of use large cracks have appeared on the plastic part of the headphone. Sound quality is amazing however not sure how long these cans will last.

Hi Michael,

I am sorry about the issue encountered with your Spirit One S.
To fix it as soon as possible, I invite you to contact the local distributor, Plurison, who will help you. Here are the details :

Marine, Community Manager Focal


En remplacement d'un Spirit One. Encore meilleur. Rien à dire


Great headphones. They definitely need some burn in. The clap on the headphones can be a bit tight. It will probably get looser as time goes on. Liking them a lot so far.


looks very nice and sound great


Hi, they are very good in general. I got a couple of comments on what i didn't like. The wire, did not have volume buttons, it seems that on the previous model it had. Another point was that the ear-cups don't rotate to 180 degrees. this was something that i would love to have. on previous model this was something that you had correct?

Hi Andreas,
First of all, thank for your purchase and comment.
There is actually no volume buttons on the remote control because it is a universal one. Adding volume buttons would have meant that it would have aonly worked with Apple devices and not with every smartphones.
Regarding the ear cups, they didn't rotate to 180 degrees for more resistance. But they didn't rotate in the previous model neither.


Marine, Community Manager Focal


Perfect mobile option.

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