Sub Air
Sub Air

complements all Focal 5.1 systems

The intense and deep sound of the Sub Air complements all Focal 5.1 systems. The wireless technology makes integration into interiors easy, removing all constraints due to cable length. The flat and compact design allows you to fit it into all kinds of spaces.

Easy to use and install, the Sub Air turns on at your command and turns itself off when no more sound is being produced.

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Wireless Subwoofer

Its Wi-Fi radio connectivity puts a permanent end to the eternal question of where to put the cables. A discreet emitter is connected to the rear of the amplifier and makes cabling entirely unnecessary.

Design & Performance

Its highly innovative design makes the Sub Air a quality, practical and elegant response to your listening requirements. Do not be deceived by its anti-conformist appearance, as this beautiful object is a genuine high-performance subwoofer, fitted with a 21cm bass-reflex boombox for increased effect and modern 150 watt BASH amplification. 

Its shape was designed so make it an object of desire that people would no longer seek to hide, despite its compact nature. Its luxurious, authentic lacquer finish further reinforces its appeal. Above all, however, its shape allows it to be harmoniously integrated with your interior, whether on the floor or fitted to the wall using the supplied mounting kit. 

Key features

  • Focal design and sound
  • Ideal for Home Theater systems
  • Flexibility of installation / wireless connection
  • High-gloss finish
  • Can be wall-mounted, takes up little floor space
  • Focal’s flattest subwoofer
  • Easy and quick to install: synchronization button, phase and volume adjustment
  • Wireless Transmitter included : LFE and Left/Right Input


Choose your configuration
Sib Pack 5.1 - 5 Sib & Sub Air
5.1 Sib Pack

30 to 40 m2
Easy to install

Bird Pack 5.1 - 5 Bird & Sub Air
5.1 Bird Pack

20 to 30 m2
Compactness and
acoustic performance

Dome Pack 5.1 - 5 Dome & Sub Air
5.1 Dôme Pack

30 to 40 m2
Focal-owned technologies
Made in France

Bird Pack 5.1 - 3 super Bird 2 Bird & Sub Air
5.1 Super Bird & Bird Pack

50 m2 and more
Extreme acoustic


  • Black High Gloss Black High Gloss
  • White High Gloss White High Gloss

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